A Truly Noble Relationship: Pets and Humans

It is said that humans and their pets have created a bond that can be likened to an interpersonal relationship of humans with other humans. Studies show that a human-pet relationship, especially between humans and cats or dogs, has its advantages in terms of the psychological, social and physical aspects of a person. In fact, an article from the Journal of European Psychology Students discussed that we choose to have a pet in order to meet our social needs. Our pets can be our friends who can tolerate us and love us unconditionally. Moreover, some pets make better escorts than humans

Man’s Social Partner

According to The Daily Mail, there are pet owners who treat their dogs as their own kids. According to Austrian scientists, the human-dog relationship is akin to the deep connection that exists between parents and their children. The same study illustrates that canines are so used to inhabiting with humans that we take up the role of being our dog’s primary social partner and vice-versa.

Man’s Relationship with Others

A research claims that our relationship with our pets helps us in developing our social skills. As a matter of fact, young adults who look for their pets are said to have deeper social relationships. Moreover, it can also improve the connection of a teenager with his/her community. This was substantiated by a study conducted by psychologists from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. Additionally, it is said that our relationship with our pets allows us to be more of service to the society and displays our sense of leadership.

Pets and Their Other Roles

Animals can also serve other functions. Because of their distinctive skills and abilities, our pets can provide an array of services to us. For instance, canines can act as service dogs for persons with disabilities (PWDs) due to their acute senses and their capability to learn certain things. As service dogs, they become the eyes, ears, hands and feet of PWDs. These dogs can also aid the police in search and rescue operations. Moreover, dogs can be therapy pets in hospitals that soothe or console patients.

Our relationship with our pets has become an integral part of our lives. As pet owners, we should bear in mind that we are responsible for their physical and emotional needs. Remember that healthy pets make healthy owners.