Is Your Pet Psychic? It May Sense Danger

As pet owners, there is a strong bond that connects us with our pets. Maybe we’re not aware of it, but this connection is so deep that they become extra perceptive of things that happen around us, especially with those that we feel or experience. For instance, dogs know when we are catching a common cold prior to the manifestation of its symptoms such as sniffling. Is this one of the signs that our pets have visible light spectrum clairvoyance?

Animals can also sense impending earthquakes and disasters. In fact, before Greece was hit by a destructive earthquake in 373 B.C., it was said that rats, snakes and weasels deserted their habitats and moved to safer grounds. Here are examples of things that our pets can sense before they happen:

1. Collapsing building

A book by Michael Streeter narrated how a man was saved by his pooch from a collapsing building. It seemed just an ordinary night when the pet owner went to a pub for a drink. While enjoying his beer, the owner noticed that his dog kept on barking and barking at him. He led his dog out of the pub but it came back and began being a nuisance. He then decided to go home because of his dog’s behaviour. Minutes later, the pub collapsed killing 9 people.

2. Death

In a nursing home in the United States, a cat named Oscar knows when one of the elderly will die. Oscar will go to the bed of an old man or lady and just sit there hours before he/she passes over.

3. Earthquakes

In Ancient Greece, there are records that show how dogs run away from the city of Helice before it was hit by a tragic earthquake. There are also stories in China where dogs seem disturbed or bothered prior to a seismic activity. Scientists believe that the extra sensitive hearing sense of dogs allows them to hear the crumbling of rocks beneath the ground. Seismologists do think that dogs can feel seismic activities on their paws.

4. Tsunamis

Before the deadly 2004 tsunami that devastated some parts of Asia and Africa, animals at Yala National Park moved to higher grounds. More so, some elephants were said to have freed themselves from their chains before their areas were flooded by the waters from the tsunami.