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The Hidden Dangers Your Home Presents To Pets

Like humans, our pets are also susceptible to insects. As a matter of fact, there are pests that can seriously affect the health and well-being of our dogs and cats. While some are merely a nuisance, we should still maintain our houses free from critter infestations. It bears noting that even though we can’t always see these little insects, it is important having our home checked and sprayed regularly to keep nasty pests at bay. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. That being said, we should still be aware of the critter and bugs that pose a threat to our pets so that we’ll know how we can protect our dogs and cats from them. Here are some examples:

1. Fleas and ticks

Fleas live on furs of our pets and thrive from their blood. Contrary to what most people believe, fleas don’t have wings; they jump to their hosts. Their saliva usually causes severe itching and skin irritation. Those pets that are allergic to fleas sometimes lose their fur or develop massive rashes and serious skin infections. More so, these fleas are carriers of larvae of tapeworms.

On the other hand, ticks infect thousands of pets in the United States yearly. Ticks pass on diseases such as Lyme disease, plasmosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. These illnesses, when transmitted to humans, can cause fatigues, fever or worse, damage to our heart and central nervous system.

2. Mosquitoes and Heartworms

Mosquitoes also annoy our pets and are carriers of heartworms. Unlike most pet diseases that manifest early on, heartworm infestation will need several months before plaguing our pets. Heartworms are able to grow up to 14 inches. When not medicated immediately, our pets may die.

3. Giardia

A protozoan parasite, Giardia is picked up by our pets when they drink rainwater. Common symptoms of Giardia infestation are vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and fatigue.

4. Spiders

Though bites of most species of spiders in the country are not lethal, these can still instigate swelling and pain. An example of a deadly spider is the black widow and brown recluse. Their bites can result to pain, paralysis and death.

5. Mites

Dogs and cats are frequently infested by mites. These arachnids can cause skin diseases to our pets and ear complications.

Fido Fiduciary: Are You Covered?

In 2014, pet owners in the United States shelled out over $15 billion for veterinary care. Based on the American Pet Products Association, there was $58 billion-worth of pet related expenses on that same year. A portion of this number, around $870 million to be specific, was devoted to pet insurance. That’s a huge sum for insurance premium. Is it that worth it?

Should You Insure Your Pet or Not?

Insurance isn’t a free bet, but it’s a good one.

Having a pet is a big responsibility. Part of that duty of care involves their health and well being. Don’t get caught short where your pet is concerned. It is a must that you insure all your dependents, may they be two-legged or four-legged. Here are some reasons why fido fiduciary is good for you and your pets:

1. Eliminates financial distresses that are associated with the health of your pets

Veterinary fees shoot up at rates that are beyond belief. When your pet has an insurance coverage, you’ll never have to worry about what to choose between your wallet and your pet. For instance, your dog has a severely broken paw. The veterinarian presented you three options: fix it (costs about $3000), amputate it (costs about $1500), or perform euthanasia. When you have pet insurance, you can opt for the best medical decision for your pet without getting too worked up with its cost.

2. Covers almost everything

A good pet insurance provides financial assistance on almost everything, from loss and theft to liability coverage. On top of that, your usual vet fees for dental care and even expensive alternative treatments (homeopathy, physiotherapy) are covered by a pet insurance.

3. Easy and has flexible terms

Pet owners can choose a plan that suits their budget and needs. In addition, these policies can be paid in varying terms: monthly, quarterly or yearly. There are also a lot of pet insurance companies that reimburse your pet expenses like a child’s play.

4. Lets you choose your vet

In contrast with human insurance policies that may compel us to use specific health care providers, your pet insurance lets you choose your vet. What you only have to do is submit the receipt from your visit to your insurance provider for it to be refunded. More so, insurance policies like these do not treat pets of certain breed or age differently.

Keeping Your Pets Safe At Night

A number of home owners often allow their pets to roam around freely inside the house during the day minding their own business. It’s a different story however at night where most pets are kept safe and protected by putting them in their respective cages. Let us look at ways on how owners are able to keep their pets safe at night as well as why there is an urgent need to do so.

Pets are much easier to manage and supervise during the day and as such, there is little to no need to safely lock them up just yet. This is quite apparent as many pet owners choose to have their pets enjoy its leisure time during the day minding their own business. As nighttime approaches, pets are carefully directed to their respective cages by its owners to prepare them for sleep.

People who don’t safely lock their pets at night increase the risk of losing them by a very huge margin. It should be noted that there have been a number of cases of lost pets reported that happened at night where the visibility is less clear. It can be very hard to track your pets at night especially the small ones and this is the reason why the saying, “its better safe than sorry” applies quite well with regards to the overall welfare of your pets at night.

A number of owners take necessary measures in order to secure appropriate cages for their pets. Indeed, it is important to find suitable cages for your pets that are both safe as well as comfortable for them to sleep in. Owners should also consider the integrity and foundation of these cages and if they are able to hold your pets properly without falling apart. These cages can suffer from wear and tear after repeated use so it is important to do the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep them in good working condition. The same can also be said with regards to your locks and a locksmith can help you replace these locks in a timely and effective manner when the need calls you to do some.

Keep your pets locked up safely, so they don’t get out and make mischief or become lost. Without proper care and security you might find that an insurance claim for your injured loved one can quickly be declined. A locksmith can give great advice on how to keep your fluffy pal safe and sound. They can also advise you tips and other factors you can consider in keeping your locks in tip top shape. Furthermore, if there is a need to create duplicate locks, you can easily get in touch with these locksmiths especially today where many have setup and integrated their services over the internet for easy access and reach to their customers.

In conclusion, keeping your pets safe at night is of a huge importance and owners should never take this issue lightly or for granted.  Pet owners however, are given an ample time to prepare for this during the day and they will not be finding any shortage of cages as well as locks with these items being easily available on a regular day to day basis in several stores in the present.

Furniture And Pets: The Perfect Insurance Disaster Waiting To Happen

Pets oftentimes live inside the confines of the homes along with its owners. A huge number of pet owners choose to have their pets stay inside to keep them protected and safe. Pets are indeed much safe and more secured when they are living inside the homes. The same however, cannot be said with regards to your furniture as they are prone in getting damaged especially if your pets are not trained or disciplined. Let us look into furniture and pets the perfect insurance disaster that is waiting to happen.

A huge number of owners decide to have their pet insured with it giving a huge number of benefits mostly notably it can help reduce the overall costs and expense of veterinary services. This includes any event of accidents and illnesses as well as diagnostic tests, surgeries, vaccinations, lab fees and hospitalizations. Having your pets insured makes owners feel a great amount of relief as a huge load is taken off their backs as result. In the case of furniture, pet insurance can go two ways, one, you must make sure your home and contents covers your furry and in some cases scaly friends activities. Two, make sure the furniture in question is safe so your pet doesn’t become injured playing with something unsafe!

Several home owners also decide to have their furniture insured or receive protection program to help get their furniture repaired in a timely and effective manner whenever accidents arise. Prevention however is always better than cure and the same can also be said with regards to the overall welfare of your furniture. This is the reason why a number of pet owners choose to set limits and boundaries to their pets which helps reduce the likelihood of accidents to occur.

Many advise to train and discipline pets at an early age especially since this is the time where they are more submissive and understanding. Another thing to consider is the overall safeness of the environment that they are living in. Is your home safe for pets? To do this, you can check your furniture and see if they are stable and are in solid foundation. Do they move easily or perhaps make squeaking noises when moved? This may be a good indicator that your furniture requires its fair share of maintenance and repairs to keep them in relatively good working condition. You don’t want this furniture to collapse or fall apart when your pets are playing inside the home.

Furniture and pets may not always provide perfect harmony with each other however they can be placed together in the same room with little to no problems as long as home owners prepare for this type of situation in advance. As mentioned earlier, having pet insurance is always a good thing to have. The second factor that needs to be considered is checking the overall integrity of each and every one of your furniture. Yes indeed, every single piece of your furniture needs to be assessed as these can also suffer from wear and tear due to repeated use. This becomes even more apparent when pets live inside your home. As such, checking your furniture for any signs of problem from time to time is always recommended.

A Career as a Vet: Challenging but so Rewarding

Being a veterinarian is becoming a popular career choice nowadays since it offers different opportunities and possibilities. Vets can have their own private practice, be a part of the academe, work for the government and the military, or be employed in private industries. However, like any other profession, veterinarians face challenging work environment daily. That being said, there are still some best parts of being an animal doctor. Let’s find out why veterinarians have challenging but rewarding careers.

Challenges of Being a Vet

1. Helplessness

There are instances where vets encounter healthy animals that are in predicaments which can be solved, but the resources are inadequate for the problems to be fixed. Sometimes, animals run into illnesses or accidents that are both emotionally and financially taxing. More often than not, pet owners come to vet clinics looking for the care that their pets need without realising if they can afford it. Let us all be reminded that vet clinics are business establishments and not charitable institutions. Each time animals leave the clinic without having the care or medical attention they need, vets feel helpless.

2. Emotional pain

As pet owners and animal lovers, vets undergo emotional pain when performing euthanasia to their patients. As much as they want to relieve the animal from pain, they break down especially if a personal relationship has been built between them and the animals.

3. Abuse

As vets, they have to report animal owners who are abusing their pets. However, vets can’t avoid the sickening and gut-wrenching feeling each time they encounter abused animals. Cruelty to animals is not limited to physical violence; negligence and abandonment are also part of it.

Rewards of Being a Vet

1. Satisfaction and fulfilment

After successfully administering tests and giving care to the animals, vets experience tremendous happiness and satisfaction when animals get well. There is also fulfilment when vets inform and instruct pet owners on how they can keep their pets healthy.

2. Meet a lot of animals (and people, too) everyday

Probably one of the reasons why people decide to be a vet is because they love animals. Veterinarians come across various animals and their owners during their entire career. They get to know the stories of these pets and their owners. Sometimes, the relationship between the animal doctors and their patients and owners goes beyond the doctor-patient connection.

3. Do what they love

There’s pleasure when you get to do the thing you love. You enjoy doing the stuff you feel comfortable pursuing. For instance, a vet who loves surgery takes pleasure in performing a C-section on a German Shepherd or in extracting a teeth from an incapacitated Yorkshire Terrier.

For those who want to pursue a career as a veterinarian, do know that not every day you come across cuddly and nice animals. There are also issues regarding wages. That being said, nothing is more fulfilling and rewarding than being the person you aspire.