Dog Insurance Plans

When you get a new puppy or a new dog, pet insurance usually isn’t the first thing that comes to a pet owner’s mind. This is an exciting time in one’s life, but also somewhat challenging. There is a lot of responsibility with taking ownership of a new dog or puppy, and one of the most important items is the dog’s health and well being. Pet insurance provides the peace of mind, knowing you will always have the financial ability to care for your pet throughout its life.

The pet insurance preferred plan (for pets ranging from 8 week to 9 years of age) is an excellent plan for families adding a puppy or young dog to the household. This plan enables puppies to get the important care that they need at an early age including behavioral training, microchipping and spaying or neutering. The pet insurance preferred plan costs slightly more than our basic plan, but your pet’s routine care more than doubles and the increase in accident and illness coverage goes up by $4,500, all for only a few dollars more a month. All of our PetFirst plans are renewable for the life of your pet, and your rates will not ever increase due to claims activity. This allows for one of our Preferred Plans to practically pay for itself. It is more than worth the peace of mind to know that you can give your pet the absolute best care without hesitation

Now is a better time than ever to put your adult dog on a pet health insurance plan to keep them safe and healthy. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, all of the plans (with the exception of accident) cover illnesses, including cancer, a sprained paw, or infections. As your dog ages, more and more illnesses are likely to occur. Without pet insurance, these illnesses may not be affordable. Make sure to cover your pet so that you can provide it the care it deserves.

Mature dogs can benefit from dog insurance too! The accident pet insurance plan covers all dog breeds of all ages and is available for as low as $9.95 a month. For those with pets ten years or older there are not many insurance options, which is why PetFirst has introduced our Senior Plan. While the cost of these plans is more expensive than other plans, it is only due to the increased risk of accident and disease.

Don’t wait, pick up the phone to speak with a representative today about how you can save money on your dog’s medical care. Call 1-877-916-7387 . A low monthly cost is worth the peace of mind that your dog will be cared for as he or she ages.