Cat Insurance Plans

Pet insurance for cats will help you save on your vet bills and give you the peace of mind that any cat owner wants for their beloved friend. With cat insurance from PetFirst Healthcare, you can choose any veterinarian and be reimbursed for bills associated with your visits to the vet.

It is extremely beneficial for cat or kitten owners to take out a pet insurance policy. The biggest misconception for cat owners is that indoor cats do not need pet insurance. This is not the case though. Indoor cats are prone to obesity and suffer from overheating and lack of exercise. Over time, these items lead to many different types of illnesses that can become extremely expensive to care for. Cats can also ingest indoor plants and other harmful household items causing sickness which requires medical attention. Our goal is to educate pet owners that cats are not immune to accidents and illnesses that strike both dogs and humans.

Kittens especially need veterinarian care when they are young. Vaccinations, spaying or neutering and blood tests are just a few things that your kitten may need. The pet insurance preferred plan for pets 8 weeks to 9 years of age, is an excellent plan for families adding a kitten or young cat to the household. The preferred plan covers your new kitten’s annual exam, microchipping, prescription flea control and more.

Most pet owners with adult cats just want them to stay healthy and protected from potential dangers. Now is a better time than ever to put your adult cat on a pet insurance plan. If you have a mature cat and you are worried about high insurance premiums, your cat can still be covered by the accident pet insurance plan which is available for as low as $9.95 a month.

Older cats can benefit from pet insurance too! The accident pet insurance plan covers all cat breeds of all ages and is available for as low as $9.95 a month. For those with pets ten years or older there are not many insurance options, which is why PetFirst has introduced our Senior Plan. While the cost of these plans is more expensive than other plans, it is only due to the increased risk of accident and disease.

Don’t wait any longer to protect your cat. Pick up the phone to speak with a representative today about how you can save money on your cat’s medical care. Call 1-877-916-7387. A low monthly cost is worth the peace of mind that your cat will be cared for as he or she ages.