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A Career as a Vet: Challenging but so Rewarding

Being a veterinarian is becoming a popular career choice nowadays since it offers different opportunities and possibilities. Vets can have their own private practice, be a part of the academe, work for the government and the military, or be employed in private industries. However, like any other profession, veterinarians face challenging work environment daily. That being said, there are still some best parts of being an animal doctor. Let’s find out why veterinarians have challenging but rewarding careers.

Challenges of Being a Vet

1. Helplessness

There are instances where vets encounter healthy animals that are in predicaments which can be solved, but the resources are inadequate for the problems to be fixed. Sometimes, animals run into illnesses or accidents that are both emotionally and financially taxing. More often than not, pet owners come to vet clinics looking for the care that their pets need without realising if they can afford it. Let us all be reminded that vet clinics are business establishments and not charitable institutions. Each time animals leave the clinic without having the care or medical attention they need, vets feel helpless.

2. Emotional pain

As pet owners and animal lovers, vets undergo emotional pain when performing euthanasia to their patients. As much as they want to relieve the animal from pain, they break down especially if a personal relationship has been built between them and the animals.

3. Abuse

As vets, they have to report animal owners who are abusing their pets. However, vets can’t avoid the sickening and gut-wrenching feeling each time they encounter abused animals. Cruelty to animals is not limited to physical violence; negligence and abandonment are also part of it.

Rewards of Being a Vet

1. Satisfaction and fulfilment

After successfully administering tests and giving care to the animals, vets experience tremendous happiness and satisfaction when animals get well. There is also fulfilment when vets inform and instruct pet owners on how they can keep their pets healthy.

2. Meet a lot of animals (and people, too) everyday

Probably one of the reasons why people decide to be a vet is because they love animals. Veterinarians come across various animals and their owners during their entire career. They get to know the stories of these pets and their owners. Sometimes, the relationship between the animal doctors and their patients and owners goes beyond the doctor-patient connection.

3. Do what they love

There’s pleasure when you get to do the thing you love. You enjoy doing the stuff you feel comfortable pursuing. For instance, a vet who loves surgery takes pleasure in performing a C-section on a German Shepherd or in extracting a teeth from an incapacitated Yorkshire Terrier.

For those who want to pursue a career as a veterinarian, do know that not every day you come across cuddly and nice animals. There are also issues regarding wages. That being said, nothing is more fulfilling and rewarding than being the person you aspire.